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Kiteboarding/kite surfing has been around for over 20 years now. Most of you are familiar with brightly coloured kites on the end of 20m lines and participants surfing waves, doing mega jumps and just cruising around pleasantly on various kiteboards, foils, snow skis etc. However, something has drastically changed, for the better: New materials, new shapes with incredible range and ease-of-use are here. If you tried kiting in the early days and got discouraged, those days are gone. The 21st century equipment available today is qualitatively and quantitatively better: Ocean Rodeo’s proprietary new material, Aluula, is the change, kites and wings of extraordinary strength and lightness are the result. We have been using/testing these kites for a year now….WOW.

Wing Surfing

Winging is the new kid on the wind block.
Wingsurfing, holding the actual wing above your head in your hands to generate power, has arrived, and it is here to stay. Winging on Foils brought it to life but foiling is tough (but rewarding) and just one of the many ways to wing. We tend to believe that winging is the ultimate paddleboard/windsurfer accessory. Buy a wing, stick a removable center fin on your paddleboard (hopefully your windsurfer has a retractable daggerboard already), and, voila the wind is your friend! We all started winging on paddle boards and even though we have foiled, windsurfed, kited, and paddled for decades, it is great fun. Add an Ocean Rodeo Aluula (lighter, stronger, stiffer) Glide wing to your quiver, and fly first class!


Foiling has taken over the watersports wind industry, by storm, over the past decade. Foils are on literally everything wind powered in the water: sailboats, windsurfers, kiteboards, paddleboards, wingboards, and surfboards. It does not end there, you will increasingly see boaters forgoing wake surfing to wakefoiling. Foiling is like flying…only on water. The foil wings in water, use all the same physics as a highly efficient airplane wing, vastly increasing our ability to utilize whatever wind or wave is present. The fun factor just went through the roof, again! Alpine foils, made in France, to perfection.


Stand Up Paddleboarding, in all its guises, is firmly established in the global watersports industry. Some of us started paddleboarding in the early 2000’s on Starboard start boards with kayak paddles. Since those early days (actually going way, way back in Hawaii), paddleboarding has gone mainstream attracting players from many numerous industries (windsurfing , kiteboarding, sailing, and wetsuit companies etc.) all jumping onto the paddleboard production bandwagon.

Starboard differentiates itself in two ways from this myriad of other companies. Starboard, is the global leader in size, innovation and quality. That’s good, but what’s even better is that starboard is by far, leading the charge in environmental responsibility and activism in the watersports industry. Starboard is our board of choice for whatever your needs: but our advice is to make sure it can also be used/adapted for winging.

Who are we?

The Okanagan Valley is our backyard.

Literally, that green lawn is Marc’s backyard and the vista beyond is our playground! It is the wildest, largest, deepest part of 120 km long, Okanagan Lake. The lake is the central feature of the Okanagan Valley that runs from Osoyoos (at the US border) in the south, to Vernon in the north. Being situated at the northern tip of the great Sonoran desert delivers big benefits for our climate; including creating a world-class wine destination (200+ wineries and counting). The climate also allowed Marc to pioneer winter kiting, trading in his ski pass, to kite in water all year round.

Kiting, windsurfing, wingsurfing, paddle boarding (even downwinding on occasion) and every type of foiling imaginable, we’ve tried out in our playground. We know the Okanagan Valley.